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Aluminum Patio CoverEast Coast Aluminum Awning and Underdecking is committed  to bringing affordable aluminum awnings and underdecking to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  We are a Company has offices in Hickory and Tabor City N.C. We can travel and serve  any of these areas at an affordable price because we strive to keep our overhead down. We also serve many rural areas that in many cases no other Awning Company’s  even service. We have a wonderful website managed by website design hickory nc that has current pictures and even a blog that allows customers to comment on and keep up with our business.  We also maintain phone book advertising in most of the southeast.  We have been in the Awning business for over 10 years selling and installing over 1,000 awnings. We sell and install Aluminum Patio covers, Aluminum Dock Door Awnings, Aluminum Screen-rooms, and Aluminum Under-decking. Please contact us by email at Dave@eastcoast-awnings.com or by phone at 828-217-3553

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Mooresville Aluminum Awning

If you are located in the Mooresville, NC area or even near the Lake Norman community, there is a great professional aluminum awning service for you that offers free no site estimates.  These aluminum awnings are perfect for providing shade in the hot summer days and also protecting you and your personal belongings from rain.  Mooresville, NC is a very nice and fast growing area in North Carolina and is a short drive from the queen city of Charlotte, NC.

Aluminum Awning s create a functional outdoor living space and require very little maintenance at all.  They typically come in a white finish, which look great against vinyl siding or brick. One side of the aluminum awning attaches directly to your house or home, and the opposite side is usually supported by vertical support beams.  These aluminum awnings have integrated rain drainage systems to collect and properly distribute precipitation.

So along with serving the Mooresville, NC area, this aluminum awning company travels throughout the North & South Carolina region leaving countless satisfied residents and businesses alike.  The rewards of an aluminum patio or deck awning are very apparent once you make the investment and improve your outdoor living space.

Atlanta GA Awning Installation

If you are located in Georgia, including the Atlanta area, we can assist you with our aluminum awning installation service. Pictured here we built a custom aluminum awning for a customer that also requested having the vinyl hand rails to match. This is often a great idea when attaching an awning over an area such as a concrete patio or porch. It not only adds an element of safety, but is aesthetically appealing too.

Atlanta GA Aluminum AwningsThe awning is attached to the brick house via specially designed anchor bolts. The front of the aluminum awning is supported by four vertical aluminum support beams and one horizontal channel. The gutters are attached and down spout provides proper drainage.

We have installed many residential and commercial awnings in the Atlanta GA metropolitan area and certainly intend of continuing our service. The is no awning  job too small, or to big so contact East Coast Aluminum Awnings today for your free on-site evaluation and estimate. Have a great day!

Proffesional Awning Installation – Asheville NC

Alunminum Awning Over House DoorThere are many details to consider when installing an aluminum awning on you home.  You need to make sure the size is correct, that there is enough support for the size and weight of the awning, and also the pitch is correct. If you live in the Asheville, NC mountain region, there is a small company that services this area, and they do a fine job. So don't hesitate to investigate your options and explore the possibilities of adding an effective aluminum awning to your home.



Custom Aluminum Carports

Custom Aluminum CarportCheck out this free standing custom aluminum carport we installed in Fort Mill, SC.  The aluminum is finished with a nice brown color, complimenting the accents of the house.  this particular aluminum carport has 6 vertical support beams creating a very sturdy structure.  The custom aluminum carport is also fitted with gutters and down spouts for adequate drainage.  When compared to alternative cheap metal carports, out rigid aluminum construction will stand the test of time along with almost anything mother nature can throw down.  we always incorporate a gradual decrease in slope of the top of the aluminum carport.  The size of the free standing carport is tall enough and long enough for a large SUV. Contact us today for a free on-site estimate if you are interested in protecting your vehicle with one of our high quality aluminum carports.

Rock Hill, SC Deck Awning

Rock Hill, SC Deck AwningWhen it comes time to find the best deck cover or deck awning for your money, an aluminum awning is the absolute winner.  If you are looking for a deck awning in the Rock Hill, SC area, look no further.  Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas is the regions leading provider of custom built and professionally installed aluminum deck awnings. Not sure what you need?  Schedule a free on-site estimate today and we will come to Rock Hill, SC and evaluation your specific situation.

Most residential wooden decks provide a relaxing outdoor retreat for gathering with friends and family for cook outs or just simply visiting.  When you find that you would like to utilize this space more but are hindered by the weather and elements, you should consider an aluminum deck awning.  They are a great investment when weighing all the options available on the awning market.  No cranking a winch or electrical motors screwing up, no fading canvas or ripped material, and no waterfalls or ponds of rain water.  An aluminum awning is the perfect hassle free deck cover period.

Rock Hill, SC is becoming a more and more popular area for our aluminum awning servcie and we are happy to be assisting the Rock Hill, SC area.  We also cater to Chester, Lancaster, and Fort Mill, SC.  So dont hesitate any longer to purchase your new aluminum awning.. contact us today at 828-217-3553.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Awnings in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC aluminum awningsIf you live in the Charlotte Metropolitan area, and are looking to shade your deck or patio with a high quality aluminum awning, look no further.  Aluminum awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas will gladly visit your location and provide you with an accurate on site estimate.  This is a great opportunity to ask the professional important questions and also get feedback on recommendations for the absolute most cost effective awning.  Count on us to deliver a great awning in Charlotte, NC.  This investment will create a great outdoor living space sheltered from the elements, and will also increase the overall value of your home.

If you own a business in or around Charlotte, NC we also provide awning solutions for businesses and organizations.   The light weight aluminum awnings are visually appealing and go hand in hand with commercial buildings and applications. all of our awnings come with a built in water drainage system and reinforced support beams.  The strength and durability of our aluminum awnings are what stand them apart from other awning alternatives.  Low maintenance means you wont be doing repairs or painting every other year.  These awnings are built to last, especially when the awnings are professionally installed.


Roanoke VA Aluminum Awning

We recently installed an aluminum awning in Roanoke, VA.  Roanoke is about a 2.5 hour drive from our location in Taylorsville, NC.  We took the ride up for this small but effective aluminum awning over an entryway on a residence.

Aluminum Awning Roanoke VAAluminum awnings patio covers are actually made from light weight aluminum metal, and they can truly make a transformation in the look of your patio. This type of awning is sold by kits and you have the choice of having your awning free standing, or it can be attached onto your home, whichever you prefer. Custom made awnings for Roanoke, VA are always an option if you need an unusual size or type.

When you decide which aluminum awnings you are going to go with, you will have a patio that is truly maintenance free. These awnings are built and made to last for many years, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking within a short amount of time and forcing you to go buy another one. These awnings are great in the fact that they will not ever rust, warp, crack, or peel, and are made to have a true resemblance to real wood. Another great product offered in Roanoke, VA is our aluminum carports.


Virginia Beach Aluminum Awnings

Virginia Beach, VA area is a very popular and exciting place to live.  If you are a full time resident or vacation home owner an aluminum awning can be a great addition to your dwelling.  Awnings shelter living space from the elements such as intense sunlight and dreadful precipitation.  Aluminum Awnings & Underdecking of the Carolinas is now servicing the greater Virginia Beach area.  One of these visually appealing, low cost awnings can drastically improve the functionality and overall usability of space outside your location. Virginia Beach, VA is now included in the aluminum awning service area.